A Spirit of Adoption

Meet the Coopers, a family at Westville Baptist Church who has opened their hearts and their home through adoption.  As you ponder Jean-Ray’s sermon, let this story challenge you to live out the Spirit of Adoption.

How old were your children when they were adopted?

Mishka was six weeks old and Mitchell was four weeks old when we brought them home.  We started fostering immediately and when they were two years old we started with the adoption procedure.

How did adoption change your life?

Adoption has changed our lives completely.  We went out to save 2 children who desperately needed rescuing from their situation but we have now realised that they have rescued and saved us.

What have you learned through adoption?

I have learnt that it is completely and absolutely possible to love a child not born from your womb as though they were your own.

What’s the biggest thing you wish other people understood about adoption?

When you offer yourself to God for the service of adoption, He will use you! So when that opportunity comes along take it with both hands, don’t be afraid because God directs you and guides you all the way, the procedure is really not that complicated.  This journey has taught us so much about God and it has blessed our family beyond our wildest imagination.  We feel so privileged to be used by God for such a great purpose.

How would you challenge our church family to live out the Spirit of Adoption?

Reach out to people and see them the way God sees them.  Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do but someone you raise.  I don’t know the exact plans for the future, but I do know this, that God has a great plan, that the children I am raising are going to be used in a mighty way to advance the Kingdom of God.  So I challenge everyone out there, find someone to love, as Christ has loved you.  Take them under your wing, feed them, nourish them and raise them to be mighty people of God.


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