8 Reasons Why You Should Jump In at CAST


This past Sunday at Westville Baptist Church, we heard all about “jumping in” to a life of service for the Kingdom of God.  After church there were different volunteer opportunities suited towards every kind of spiritual gift (hospitality, administration, teaching, etc).

One of those opportunities is CAST – an NGO connected with Westville Baptist Church.  CAST operates in eight local communities through mobilising the local church to reach out with practical compassion.

You may be wondering why you should get involved with CAST?  Here’s 8 reasons why you should jump in to volunteering with our organisation:

1. A chance to move beyond charity

Everyone wants to make a meaningful and long-lasting difference when they serve. However, the temptation is serve someone to make ourselves feel better, like giving your extra coins to a beggar.  While simple charity is not an inherently bad thing, it doesn’t empower a person to move themselves out of poverty.  In many cases, charity actually further entraps individuals in poverty.

2. Joining a movement of churches

The local church is CAST’s primary way of making a difference in the communities where we work.  We believe true development is about empowering the local church to transform the local community.  As an alliance of churches, CAST brings resources, training and funding for churches to reach out with compassion in their own communities through simple programmes.


3. Smiling faces

At CAST we are blessed with an amazing team of staff and volunteers who are passionate about the areas where they serve.  From our administrative staff to the local community pastors, the CAST team has a host of individuals with experience and knowledge of both the communities themselves and community development.


4. A holistic approach

One of the major reasons why I love serving at CAST is that we try to reach people at their point of need.  There are lots of NGOs that have feeding schemes or provide tutoring for learners, but not a lot of NGOs have a focus on holistic care.  At CAST, you might meet a volunteer who was once a food parcel recipient, has a small business and is part of business forum, teaches English to a primary school learner or even mentors a teenager who is growing up without a dad.  We have a place for everyone to volunteer, no matter what your interests may be.

IMG_15555. You get a cool t-shirt

Enough said.  As part of the movement, you get to be part of what God is doing through the local church.  As a CAST “t-shirt bearer”, you get to explain how you are part of the movement to create social transformation.

6. Exposure to other cultures

I promise you, good food, coffee and tea is involved!  If you always wondered what life is like in a township, this is a great opportunity to get out there and meet some incredible people.  Walking around by foot and grabbing amagwinya with a local might just challenge you to see South Africa a little differently.

7. Anyone can volunteer

You don’t have to have loads of experience or education to serve at CAST.  We provide training for volunteers that makes it easy to get involved right away.  At CAST, we believe that your God-given spiritual gifts can be used to transform a life, from packing a food parcel all the way to mentoring a local entrepreneur.

8. Making an eternal impact

There are many NGOs where you can serve, but only a few where you can be a part of the Kingdom of God.  If we follow Christ, this is what really matters.  So if you want to make an eternal impact in the lives of our neighbours, take a leap and jump in at CAST!

If you are interested in making a difference with CAST, contact Dale Nunes at: dale@cast.org.za