CAST Voices Devotion: The Jesus that Transforms Part II


CAST Voices Devotion: The Jesus that Transforms Part II

By Charmaine Moses

9 March 2017

John 4:1-36

Jesus’ Transforming Power Restores Respect (John 4:7-11)

As Jesus comes to Samaria, it’s the sixth hour. The sun is at its highest and is blazing. Normally people prefer to draw water in the cool of the morning or evening. Mostly outcasts and people discarded or ostracized would draw water during midday because of the stigma they had to endure.  The well was a meeting and conversational place, not welcoming to those who were so-called ‘sinners’. But as Jesus comes to Samaria we are told from the text that a Samaritan woman comes to draw water.  Jesus being a rabbi knew the law concerning woman and touching anything from a non- Jew would defile his priestly position.   Jesus breaks the barriers of gender inequality by restoring respect to this woman. He shows her the love of God despite being rejected by society. Jesus shows her that God values her and that he is there to transform her life.

Our aim as believers is to restore dignity to people, especially to the marginalized of society. We are mandated by God to restore the rights of women so that they are no longer abused, silenced, disrespected or ostracized by society. As we work with our community, becoming aware of the constant pain of mothers and females will help us restore respect for them, pleading their plight and raising their dignity.


  1. What is the plight of women in our society today?
  2. What deliberate action can we take to decrease gender-based violence in our community?

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