CAST Voices Devotion: Family

CAST Voices Devotion: Family

By Nomakhosi Kumalo

28 March 2017

1 Timothy 5:8 Anyone who does not provide for their relatives & especially for their own household has denied the faith & is worse than an unbeliever.

God instituted the family when he created man & woman. All family members are persons equal in dignity & have different responsibilities. Growing up in an African culture we learned that the father or any male in the house was the head of the family & therefore should be treated with more respect than anyone else in the family. But the truth is that each family member is a beloved son or daughter of God & that is why the Bible says we are all made in the image of God (meaning we are all equal). We still live in the era where many males demand respect but have no actions to show they deserve that respect (they impregnate women & run away from the responsibility). Polygamy is also a huge problem in my culture & the sad thing is that they take so many wives but fail to even support one. These men walk the streets with their heads held up high as if they have achieved something when the truth is that they bring children into poverty. Without a father, those kids are more likely to turn to a life of crime, abuse or they just don’t know how to be responsible.

For women, going to family courts is daunting nowadays, but the sad thing is that even when some women get assistance from the government they tend to make the kids suffer for what the father did to them & end up using the money for their personal gain & neglect the kids. We live in a generation where family doesn’t hold much substance anymore as we have more broken families than what God proclaims as a family. How do we bypass all that as believers, as the Word says we should provide for our families?


1) How do you feel visiting a neighbour or family friend who uses gender supremecy in their household?

2) How can we change the mindset of individuals to take responsibility for their actions, especially in regards to family?

3) What are your views about polygamy?


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