Understanding the Needs in Our Community

CAST Voices Devotion: Understanding the Needs in Our Community

The woman who touched Jesus’ cloak: Luke 8:41-43

By Yasmin Adams


Jesus was on his way to Jairus’ daughter but made space for this woman in her desperate need. Jesus was surrounded by need and opportunities that day, and chose to heal this woman.

Jesus could see the woman’s deepest needs were peace and wholeness. The woman took initiative, in desperation and in faith, and Jesus responded.

Jairus was an important person in his community, and the woman was considered unclean and was therefore isolated. As a result of this they both had different ways of approaching Jesus. Jairus was not afraid to ask, the woman was. This shows us that to really understand the deepest needs of our community we may need to dig deep. The most marginalised people will not necessarily come forward for help.

It shows us that in a world of huge problems, Jesus cares deeply for the individual. The woman just had to reach out – he responded, he valued her, he healed her and met her deepest needs. He does the same for us today.

When we look at all the need around us, it can be overwhelming, and we might feel a sense of guilt at what we are not doing. Jesus healed the woman, but he did not heal everyone. Whatever we choose to do for others is important, it is Christ-like.


  1. In what way was the woman isolated in her own community?
  2. Do we make space for others when preoccupied with other concerns?
  3. What are the deepest needs of the people in your community?
  4. In what way can we help the people in the community take initiative to change their situation?


Dear Lord, we know you care deeply for our needs and for our community. Show us how our church can be a cloak of healing and peace for those in need.  Amen.


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